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Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac and is roughly from October 23 to November 21. Read on to learn more information on Scorpio astrology readings in Sparks and get access to information on the Scorpio personality, Scorpio sun sign, Scorpio daily horoscopes, yearly Scorpio horoscope forecasts, Scorpio elements, and Scorpio stones, as well as advice and content on Scorpio astrology.

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Spiritual Serenity
(775) 674-1521
250 West Gepford Parkway
Las Vegas, NV
Pathways Spirit
(775) 826-3777
323 E Moana Ln
Reno, NV
Betsy Psychic Card Reader
(775) 322-2201
526 W 2nd St
Reno, NV
Reno Psychic Institute
(775) 324-2872
Po Box 18320
Reno, NV
Terri Jay The Messenger
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2375 Brenda Way
Washoe Valley, NV
Yvonne's Spiritual Consultant
(775) 284-3290
3295 S. Virginia St
Reno, NV
Palmistry Reader
(775) 359-2800
1490 Mill St
Reno, NV
Psychic Contacts
(800) 750-7539
200 South Virginia
Reno, NV
Above & Beyond
(775) 337-8185
515 E 6th St
Reno, NV
Gary White
(775) 690-2428
3235 Eastlake Blvd # 3
Washoe Valley, NV


Scorpio: October 23-November 21

Relax, relate, release. Saturn in Libra ignites growth in your mystical, creative, dreamy twelfth house. It’s time to come face-to-face with your inner control freak and bid her adieu. This may sound like a truly daunting task, and perhaps one that you’ve come to rely on “social lubricants” to help ease you through. Now, the message is clear. Step away from the Bombay Sapphire, Scorpio, and let the true spiritual awakening begin.

What have you been hanging on to...and more precisely, whom? Dwelling on past relationships can create a karmic “Keep Away” field around you, making it difficult for anyone new to come close.

If you haven’t fully mourned an ex, allow the process to begin. Instead of binding yourself to this person with anger, try giving yourself a week to “memorialize” him. Create a small altar, write a gratitude list thanking him for the gifts that he brought into your life—even if they were simply lessons that taught you about yourself. In Jewish culture, it’s custom to “Sit Shivah” when someone dies. This is a seven-day period dedicated to mourning. Consider adapting this for your own letting go process.

A massive decluttering mission is due on every level. You’re ready to release outmoded attitudes, possessions, and ways of life that no longer suit you. Start adopting in healthy routines as well—ones that feed your soul. You could get serious about a yoga practice, developing your psychic powers with a teacher, or delving into an artistic medium (likely as part of a collaborative project).

You’ll also learn to create and navigate through healthy boundaries with people. Saying “no” BEFORE you snap with resentment can save you loads of relationship drama. You often put up an unscale-able wall with people on first meeting, which can be intimidating. Then, once they’re past the ga...

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