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Gemini, the third astrological sign in the Zodiac, were the twin brothers in Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux. Read on to learn more information on Gemini astrology readings in Sparks and get access to information on Gemini mythology, Gemini astrology predictions, Gemini love horoscopes, Gemini ruling planet information, Gemini Zodiac symbols, and Gemini compatibilities, as well as advice and content on Western astrology.

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Gemini: May 21-June 20

The spotlight is searching for you, Gemini. Saturn in Libra calls forth your inner stage performer. Your innovative, creative talents are growing ripe for the world’s picking. Between now and October 6, 20102, you are poised to make a name for yourself. You could become a leader in your industry, or a “personality” who people turn to for expertise on the web, TV, or the radio. Artistic integrity is a value to hold dear now.  Skip the trashy reality TV casting calls. You’re more likely to wind up on “Inside The Actor’s Studio” than “Big Brother 27.” Whether you’re making music or appreciating it, let your inner cultural snob take the wheel. You’re a cultural tastemaker and trendsetter among your peers.

Lovey-dovey romance—the kind that involves breathless exchanges, notes inked upon perfumed stationery, AND a genuine connection—is also in the air. You’re ready to be swept away, but the expression “fools rush in” still holds true. While kismet is strong, be sure to do thorough background checks on prospective mates. If he checks out clearly, you could find yourself sporting a rock before this Saturn phase is through.

A baby bump might also be part of that package, so if you’re not planning to walk down the aisle in an elastic-waistbanded wedding sheath, do take added precautions. This Saturn phase could bring about unplanned pregnancies—as well as planned ones. A baby will definitely alter the nature of any relationship you’re in. Be prepared for the evolution of your love life if you choose to go through with the parenting process now. You’re going to have to embrace some unconventional role-playing, and also release the grip of your romance addict as your new role interrupts your previously scheduled Date Nights.

If you’re feeling tragically single, this Saturn phase prompts you t...

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